Keka Hiau

Keka in Forrest

Keka Forrest

I’m trying to move my hands, but something heavy I hold them in place, and if I try to clench his fists, it’s only with the right hand. In his left hand he clutched clutching something.

When I try to turn my head it goes hard, but I am determined to move at any price.

Finally … I wonder if I can see it in his left hand and clutching her what I feel and how my body spread consternation. I stare at his arm, as if it belonged to a stranger, on his arm hidden in the armor, which is coated with blood and filth of that makes me sick. If I could I cried, but I was barely dry throat permits issued faint moan.

Now I have to remember, I think, looking at the bloody sword so tightly clutching and I can feel my eyes filled with tears. What I did?

Flash of my thoughts flashes before my eyes and detained tears I can not stop. I see only the battle, blood and death, which I sowed alone. All around the mutilated bodies that I wove running feet, the constant suspicion that among the corpses of enemies are lurking with intent to kill me in a moment of inattention … I remembered the anger, the fear, the pain …

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