Keka Hiau

Keka on the Rope

Keka Rope

The runaway beat of my heart and drown out the clock ticking and I’m trying to figure out exactly what I saw. It was like in the Middle Ages. I could fight in armor and be killed, even though I was a woman … Once again, it was so vivid dream that I was able to perfectly cast.

I’m going back into the pillows and I remember that when my big dream appeared for the first time. It’s been eighteen years and he seemed like six times, the first time I was four years old. At that time I did not understand what I see and I just was scared, but now, after all these years, I have to ask, where did this dream in my head four girls? Why is it so vivid dream? Why is it still the same?

To your questions about finding the answer, maybe if I go to sleep …

Keka and River

Keka River

I gotta get out of here, that’s what I now ran head, so I forced to move his left knee, but I had the most focus and when he finally moved, I took the liberty to raise my head and look ahead.

My tired eyes managed to catch a glimpse of movement in front of me, but my thoughts were faster knew it was too late. And when the ax is biting into my throat was exposed, I realized that I feel nothing. I knew it was over and I was released without shame and with a smile she closed her eyes.

But then I felt the axe going through my throat and on, and I was screaming swung over a handle, but my hands just flapperd air above me, and I was horrified sitting on the bed with a puzzled look around the darkened room. In panic, I palpated, although sweaty but unharmed neck.

Keka and big bird! Falko

Keka Falko

When I finally got his legs under him, he trickled out of me sweat, I labored breathing and the pain increased. Instead, I opted for a short break where I grabbed a lost breath and started to get up on its hands. It was even worse, but I knew that when I started I can not finish and I have to hurry so I rouse his shattered muscles to move faster, which have taken their toll.

Finally, I participated in the activities of the rest of the body, until I got to his knees and bowed his head to the stele I looked around, as far as I allowed my limited perspective. And as I feared … Around me they were scattered corpses on which he feasted scavengers and in the distance I heard the screams of the wounded, who were “lucky” and survived the bloody carving.

Keka in Forrest

Keka Forrest

I’m trying to move my hands, but something heavy I hold them in place, and if I try to clench his fists, it’s only with the right hand. In his left hand he clutched clutching something.

When I try to turn my head it goes hard, but I am determined to move at any price.

Finally … I wonder if I can see it in his left hand and clutching her what I feel and how my body spread consternation. I stare at his arm, as if it belonged to a stranger, on his arm hidden in the armor, which is coated with blood and filth of that makes me sick. If I could I cried, but I was barely dry throat permits issued faint moan.

Now I have to remember, I think, looking at the bloody sword so tightly clutching and I can feel my eyes filled with tears. What I did?

Flash of my thoughts flashes before my eyes and detained tears I can not stop. I see only the battle, blood and death, which I sowed alone. All around the mutilated bodies that I wove running feet, the constant suspicion that among the corpses of enemies are lurking with intent to kill me in a moment of inattention … I remembered the anger, the fear, the pain …