Keka Hiau

Keka and River

Keka River

I gotta get out of here, that’s what I now ran head, so I forced to move his left knee, but I had the most focus and when he finally moved, I took the liberty to raise my head and look ahead.

My tired eyes managed to catch a glimpse of movement in front of me, but my thoughts were faster knew it was too late. And when the ax is biting into my throat was exposed, I realized that I feel nothing. I knew it was over and I was released without shame and with a smile she closed her eyes.

But then I felt the axe going through my throat and on, and I was screaming swung over a handle, but my hands just flapperd air above me, and I was horrified sitting on the bed with a puzzled look around the darkened room. In panic, I palpated, although sweaty but unharmed neck.